Club Safety Audit

The Club Safety Audit is a recognised part of each club’s affiliation and is annually launched in October for online submission.

The Club Safety Audit is based on RowSafe and covers all the key aspects within it.

The annual Safety Audit process went live on Monday 02 October 2023. All British Rowing affiliated clubs were provided with instructions on how to complete the Audit.

The deadline to submit a Safety Audit was Wednesday 15 November 2023. Affiliated clubs were then given a grace period until Tuesday 05 December 2023 to submit their audit if they hadn’t done so already. All club Chairpersons and club Club Rowing Safety Advisers were contacted directly multiple times reminding them of the above deadline dates.

Now that the grace period date has passed, we can confirm that the below list of clubs who haven’t submitted a 23/24 Safety Audit or have submitted an audit but not had it approved by their Regional Rowing Safety Adviser are now suspended from using BROE2. This means that these clubs will not be allowed to enter crews into British Rowing affiliated competitions and will also not be permitted to compete in any events that they have already entered.

All clubs on the list who complete their Safety Audit to the satisfaction of their Regional Safety Advisor will have the temporary suspension lifted and will regain access to BROE2.

If your club is on the below list, please email and we will provide you with the necessary information to complete the Safety Audit process.


  • Gateshead Community RC

Thames London

  • 1884 BC
  • Queen’s Gate RC
  • The 1927 Boat Club
  • Westminster, University of, Boat Club

Thames Upriver

  • Holles BC
  • Wellington College BC

Thames South East

  • University of East London BC
  • Watermen, The Company of


  • Swindon RC

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