British Rowing Offshore and Beach Sprint Championships

The 2023 coastal championships will take place from 28 – 30 July in Exmouth

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Beach Sprints Results

Coastal rowers hugging in celebration

28 - 30 JULY 2023 | Exmouth, Devon

British Rowing Beach Sprint Championships


What are Beach Sprints?

The Beach Sprint format is ideal for agile and skilled scullers with a performance background, from either coastal or river rowing.

It starts with a sprint on the beach for the rower or one of the rowers. After entering the boat, the boat slaloms around buoys, turns around and rows straight back to the beach before one of the rowers exits the boat and runs to the finish line.

Results from previous years

British Rowing Offshore Championships

What are Offshore Championships?

Offshore races usually take place over 4km for heats and 6km courses for finals and either start and/or finish off a beach or out at sea. This is the race for you if you’re wanting to challenge yourself over longer distances!

Results from previous years

Offshore champions Bexhill's Mark Mitchell and Tim Male are racing in Canada (c) Tom Hurley


At British Rowing we rely on our amazing volunteers to make our events a success. We are always on the look out for people who want to help out – no rowing experience is required and everyone is welcome.

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Coastal Sculling 101

Want to know a little more about Coastal Sculling? Read our quick guide below!

What is coastal sculling?

Coastal Sculling is sculling’s wilder cousin. It comes in two main formats: Endurance (Offshore) and Beach Sprints.

Coastal Glossary of Terms

Did you know that in coastal rowing, ‘singles’ are called ‘solos’?

Classifications follow the same lines as river rowing classifications do. ‘C’ stands for Coastal!

Classification Explanation
WC 1x Women’s Coastal Solo
MxC 2x Mixed Coastal Doubles
OC 1x Open Coastal Solo
OCMas 4x+ Open Coastal Masters Coxed Quad Sculls
WC 1x
Women’s Coastal Solo
MxC 2x
Mixed Coastal Doubles
OC 1x
Open Coastal Solo
OCMas 4x+
Open Coastal Masters Coxed Quad Sculls

Coastal Sculling Award

The coastal sculling award is aimed at coaches and event organisers from all types of rowing, who wish to learn how to prepare rowers to race in beach sprint and endurance competitions domestically and internationally using the World Rowing and British Rowing rules.

Learning Outcomes:

The award is designed for rowing coaches and event organisers and aims to provide both with the following:

  • Confidence and competence to coach rowing on coastal waters (<1.5km offshore) and on and off swimming beaches
  • Knowledge to run safe offshore/endurance and beach sprint training sessions and empower their rowers to operate safely on coastal waters (<1.5km offshore)
  • The tactical and technical understanding of beach sprint format to prepare and support rowers and boat handlers to race

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Want to give Coastal Sculling a go in your own time? Find out which clubs and organisations give you the chance to come and give Coastal Sculling a go.

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Close racing at the World Coastals (c) World Rowing / Benedict Tufnell