Training camps: towing to the EU guidance

The GB Rowing Team provides advice on logistics if your club is planning to tow boats to the EU in the future


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As clubs return to normal and coaches are thinking about training camps in warmer parts of Europe, we would just like to remind you that after Brexit there are rules on moving equipment about Europe that now need to be followed.

The GB Rowing Team has put together helpful guides on what needs to be done before you get on the boat or train to training camp.


This is not a short process, so please do not leave it to the last minute as it could cost you a lot of money in taxes, get your equipment impounded, or even stop your equipment from leaving the country.

Click below to read the GB Rowing Team’s guides.

1 – Towing to the EU

2 – Carnet presentation

GB Rowing Team coach James Harris recently towed a trailer to the GB women’s camp in Portugal. He shares his experiences below, providing useful recommendations if you’re planning on towing boats abroad in the near future.

Read James’s blog here.

Finally, a smooth journey to camp will start the training week well – good luck and safe travels!

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