Club Affiliation 2021/22: suspended clubs

With the deadline for club affiliation now overdue, check if your club has completed the process


Thank you to all of those clubs who have completed the affiliation process for 2021/22, which was due on 1 April 2021. Your club affiliation fee allows British Rowing to continue to support and advise rowing clubs, provide tools such as ClubHub and BROE2 to help make life easier for clubs and deliver content to keep your members safe, informed and inspired.

Unfortunately, a number of clubs have not yet completed the affiliation process and, despite a number of reminders, have not been in touch with us. As of 5pm on Wednesday, 5 May 2021, the rowing clubs, schools and universities listed below have not completed the affiliation process. These clubs are therefore at risk of being suspended from entering British Rowing Affiliated Competitions. We only do this as a last resort, so if your club is on this list please do give this your attention as soon as possible. Equally, we recognise that the last year has been a challenging one and so please contact us as soon as possible if there any extenuating circumstances you would like to discuss.

The affiliation process includes declaring all club members, the option of uploading an up-to-date club constitution and club rules, updating committee details and finally paying for affiliation. This can all be done online through the British Rowing ClubHub. To complete your affiliation, either your Club Secretary, Club Treasurer or ClubHub Admin should login to their account at and follow the process as outlined in the document here.

If for any reason you are unable to access your Club’s profile, or if you need any other assistance, please email us at

Please note that clubs that remain in arrears after six months (from 1 April 2021) will be disaffiliated from British Rowing. After this time, we will require any club wishing to re-affiliate to do so as a new club.

Clubs still to complete the affiliation process as at 14 May, 14:30:
East Midlands
  • Gainsborough RC
  • STBC Club
  • St Radegund BC*
  • Sidney Sussex College BC
North West
Thames Upper 2
  • Aldworthian BC*
  • Thames Valley Park RC
Thames Upper 3
  • Brunel University RC
Thames South East
  • University of East London BC*
  • Kent College BC*
  • Royal Agricultural University BC*
West Midlands
  • Birmingham City University RC*

* Clubs with an asterisk have completed some of the process but have not completed their safety audit.

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