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April 2020

30th April 2020 Meet the Team: Tom Jeffery

30th April 2020 Olympic silver medallist Dr Polly Swann supporting the NHS in the fight against coronavirus

29th April 2020 The science behind training patterns for elite rowers

29th April 2020 Curlew’s online clubhouse keeps community together

29th April 2020 A statement from Thames Tradesmen’s Rowing Club

29th April 2020 Thames Tradesmen’s Twitter lockdown challenges

28th April 2020 Rowing the Atlantic from home

28th April 2020 Pilates series 4# on shoulder stability

27th April 2020 Changes to how we deliver content

24th April 2020 Cacao and nut butter porridge

24th April 2020 Rowing training: how to maximise your gains

24th April 2020 Teammates series #1: Ollie Wynne-Griffith and Tom George

24th April 2020 Meet the Team: Caragh McMurtry

21st April 2020 Pilates series 3# on improving stability

21st April 2020 Are you ready for the 2.6 challenge?

17th April 2020 Success for virtual Bewl Head

17th April 2020 Meet the Team: Harry Leask

16th April 2020 Wearable training devices – what you need to know

16th April 2020 Chicken and peanut stir-fry

16th April 2020 Raspberry milk-free smoothie

16th April 2020 The 2020 British Rowing Almanack now available

14th April 2020 Pilates series 2# on rowing machine posture

10th April 2020 Coronavirus: support available for clubs

9th April 2020 Tips for rowers: how to stay healthy during the COVID-19 lockdown

9th April 2020 Home International Regatta 2020 cancelled

9th April 2020 Meet the Team: Hattie Taylor

7th April 2020 Pilates series 1# on core strength

7th April 2020 CEO Membership Column – March 2020

3rd April 2020 Olympic Champion Tom Ransley MBE announces his retirement

3rd April 2020 Behind the scenes with the GB Rowing Team coxes

3rd April 2020 Bread and butter pudding

2nd April 2020 2 April update on coronavirus