Breakfast of yoghurt with figs, honey, almonds and toasted oats

Try this special tasty breakfast and tick lots of nutritional boxes early in the day!


A great way to start the day, this breakfast is also an ideal snack either before or after your training.

Jacqueline Birtwisle, Rowing & Regatta magazine nutritionist, says: “This breakfast ticks lots of nutritional boxes, especially minerals. High in carbs, it also provides a bumper 25g protein and nearly half the daily requirement for calcium thanks to the figs, yoghurt and almond combo.”


You can add extra fruit to this dish as well – why not try a handful of blueberries or strawberries?

Yoghurt with figs, honey, almonds and toasted oats

Serves 2


2 servings of Greek or natural yoghurt
50g rolled oats
100g almonds – leave the skin on
2 tbsp honey

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How to make it

1. Divide the yoghurt between two bowls. Spread the oats onto a baking tray and toast until golden under a hot grill. Once the oats are lovely and golden leave them to cool for a few minutes.

2. Roughly chop the almonds and sprinkle over the yoghurt. Then sprinkle with the oats and honey.

This recipe originally featured in Rowing & Regatta magazine. Find out more here.

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