Déjà vu and the importance of visualisation

Spring has sprung, the clocks have gone forwards and we have another two Rowing & Regatta articles to get you motivated.


Coxes preparing for the imminent regatta season will want to read “Déjà vu!” by Olympic cox, Rowley Douglas. He stresses the importance of visualisation, not just during the race but in preparation the day before. His advice is to visualise the process and not the outcome, and to see yourself in different scenarios so that you can control whatever unfolds on the water.

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“Primary Success” by former GB rower and GB Rowing Team coach, Robin Williams, explains that crews who row neatly and look good don’t necessarily go faster. It all comes down to a clear sequence of movement which results in good technique. He goes on to explain the three technique phases of the stroke, and which parts of the body should be doing what, when. As Robin says, “Why not put your technical eye to the test this summer and see if you can spot the winners before they win?”


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