PLA Tidal Thames Vision Project


The Port of London Authority has recently launched a 12-month project to develop a vision for the tidal Thames. 

Robin Mortimer, Chief Executive of the PLA, is confident that there is untapped potential for growth in trade, travel, leisure and sport, whilst enhancing the river environment.  The plan is to develop a Vision for the Thames for the next 20 years; clarifying collective ambitions, identifying opportunities and constraints, and informing everyone about the river’s true potential.

British Rowing has responded to the PLA’s initial call for evidence to shape the agenda for discussions about the river’s development by inviting some of the key stakeholders in rowing on Tideway to attend a meeting on Tuesday 28th April. 

The Regional representatives from Thames London and Thames South East have all been invited and so you could pass on comments directly to them, contact details here.

The PLA is inviting responses to the following questions:

  • What do you value most about the tidal River Thames?
  • What are your top three priorities for the future of the tidal River Thames?
  • What would you like the PLA to be doing for the tidal River Thames?

Alternatively you can respond via the Have Your Say’ form on the Vision part of the PLA website. Feedback will help shape the agenda for a series of public open forum sessions and other stakeholder events and the deadline for the first response is 6th May. More information about a session to be held at London Rowing Club on 14th May here.  

Your input does not have to be restricted to answering the questions above, but addressing those questions in your response will be helpful. 

There is more information about the project on the PLA website