First meeting for Young Person’s Panel


British Rowing’s Young Person’s Panel met for the first time on Sunday (January 27th), electing volunteers to key roles and signalling a landmark moment for young rowers.

The YPP will give a voice to young rowers across the country, and Sunday’s meeting at British Rowing HQ, Hammersmith, gave the panel its first opportunity to name a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, and two Communications Leads.


After a vote, Tom Townsend was elected Chairman of the YPP, with Sophie Behan named Deputy Chairman, and Kirsten Adams the new YPP secretary. Zoe Robertson and Theo Bakker will lead the communications for the panel.

“I am delighted to be able to chair the YPP,” said Tom, “and after the success of 2012, 2013 is going to be an exciting year. The YPP means that we now have the opportunity to take a proactive approach in shaping opportunities for young rowers. We are all looking forward to working together, and to hearing the opinions of young rowers around the country as to how they feel we can make a difference.”

Jim Harlow, Chairman of the British Rowing Championships, also attended the inaugural YPP meeting to discuss the British Rowing Junior Championships – which will take place in July this year.

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