Outen reveals new boat for historic North Pacific crossing

Sarah Outen's boat 'Gulliver'

Sarah Outen MBE has revealed her new rowing boat, which she hopes will help her to become the first woman to row solo across the North Pacific from West to East.

Outen, who became the first woman to row unsupported across the Indian Ocean in 2009 aged just 24, has had the new boat – which she has named ‘Gulliver’ – specially built for the challenge in Holsworthy, Devon.

The boat is 21 feet long, with a floodable ballast tank to aid stability, solar panels for power, and Kevlar coating.

Outen is currently cycling through China, just under five months into what will be a 20,000-mile, two-and-a-half-year epic journey ‘from London to London’ – travelling across the world by bicycle, boat, and kayak.

Her next rowing leg will begin in Choshi, Japan, in Spring 2012, from which the 26-year-old will spend 124 days at sea before arriving at Vancouver, Canada.

She will then cycle 3,000 miles across the USA to New York, before rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

‘I am very pleased to present my new ocean steed, Gulliver,’ said Outen. ‘It was really satisfying to be involved in augmenting the design based on experience, rather than guesswork this time.

‘He has taken six months to build and is now safely stowed in Rutland, having journeyed up from Global Boatworks in Devon, where he was built. My team at home will be packing him up with kit and food later this year ready for shipment to Japan.’

Outen’s record-breaking journey will take in 14 countries and two oceans – with the rowing legs expected to take a total of 11 months to complete.

For more information on Outen’s incredible expedition, visit Sarah Outen’s official website.