Junior men’s eight win back to back golds at the Coupe de la Jeunesse

GB won the girls’ match at the 14-nation Coupe de La Jeunesse event over the weekend in Ottensheim, Austria, and finished second overall to Italy having taken seven gold, four silver and two bronze medals over the three days of competition.

“This was a very professional squad on and off the water and the most enjoyable to take overseas that I’ve been involved with”, said GB Team Manager Richard Follett.

Clearly pleased with the squad who stepped up during the regatta, Follett had particular praise for the crews that won gold on both days – the boys’ and girls’ quads and the boys’ eight.

“They did very well, particularly the boys’ eight. It is tough to win back to back like that and the stern four of the eight also doubled to win a silver and a gold apiece in the coxed four across the two days”, he said.

GB Results across the competition days were:


Pair – bronze and fourth
Four – fourth and fourth
Eight – silver
Single – fourth and sixth
Double – sixth and fourth
Quad – gold, gold


Pair – fifth and seventh
Four – silver and bronze
Coxed four – silver and gold
Eight – gold and gold
Single – fourth and fifth
Double  – fourth and silver
Quad – gold and gold


Hannah Patterson (Llandaff RC)/Cloudy Carnegie (City of Oxford RC)

Coach:Ian Shore
Elisha Lewis (Sir William Borlase’s Gram Sch BC)/Maxie Scheske (St Paul’s Girls School BC)/Thea Vukasinovic (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)/Louisa Bolton (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)

Coaches: Robin Dowell

Elisha Lewis (Sir William Borlase’s Gram Sch BC)/Lucy Cruxton (Trentham)/Hannah Patterson (Llandaff RC)/Cloudy Carnegie (City of Oxford RC)/Beth Bryan (Tees RC)/Clio Aubugeau-Williams (Deben RC)/Thea Vukasinovic (Lady Eleanor Holles BC) Louisa Bolton (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)/Morgan Baynham Williams (cox) (Ross RC)

Coaches: Ian Shore / Robin Dowell
Single Scull
Amelia Carlton (Tideway Scullers School)

Coach: Kaarin Scanlon

Double Scull

Emma Reiser (Dart Totnes ARC)/Annabel Rogers (Runcorn RC)

Coach: Val Edwards
Quadruple Scull
Clio Aubugeau-Williams (Deben RC)/Charlotte Drury (Rob Roy BC)/Beth Bryan (Tees RC)/Ellen Thomas (Mersey RC)

Coach: Peter Lee
Spare JW

Lucy Cruxton (Trentham)


Jack Bannenberg (Westminster School BC)/Tim Grant (Maidstone Invicta RC)

Coach:Richard Jones
William Davey (Abingdon School BC)/George Bradbury (Westminster School BC)/
Iain Mandale (Kingston Grammar School BC)/Sam Lapage (Royal Shrewsbury School BC)

Coach: Paul Williams

Mathew Bowman (Bedford Modern School BC) /Toby Bownass (Shiplake College BC)/James Gardner (Eton College BC)/Jim Allan (Kings College School BC)/James Capel (St Georges College BC)/William Gale (Bedford Modern School BC)/William Hall (Winchester College BC)/Hamish Clifton (Canford School BC)/Neil McKenzie (cox) (Abingdon School BC)

Coach: Neil Double
Coxed Four

Mathew Bowman (Bedford Modern School BC)/James Capel (St Georges College BC)/Toby Bownass (Shiplake College BC)/William Gale (Bedford Modern School BC)/Neil McKenzie (cox) (Abingdon School BC)

Coach: Neil Double

Single Scull

Tom Barras (Burway RC)

Coach: Jim Mathieson
Double Scull
Harry Lonergan (Walton RC)/Kieran Brown (Clydesdale ARC)

Coach: Nick de Cata

Quadruple Scull
Nathan Devaux-Davey (Leander Club)/James Rudkin (Stowe Sculling Club)/Jacob Dawson (Plymouth ARC)/Oliver Knight (Walton RC)

Coach: Mark Wilkinson

Spare JM
Ben Board (Shoreham RC)


Team Manager: Richard Follett

Lead Coach: Julie Edwards

Equipment Manager:  Phil Tinsley

Assistant Driver:  Sally Reay

Doctor: Kate Strachan

Physio: Helen Esplen