Hexham Juniors complete Thames Challenge


Cowinne and Amani of Hexham Rowing Club's Juniors

On Saturday 23rd July, six juniors from Hexham Rowing Club set about completing a gruelling 150-mile Thames Challenge for charity.

The group from Hexham were attempting to replicate the challenge undertaken by a group of Marines injured in combat in order to raise money for the Marines Charitable Trust. 

Instead of rowing over five days, they worked as a team to row the distance on 5 ergometers set up outside Hexham Abbey.

The Abbey and the Farmers market provided a great backdrop and the weather was surprisingly sympathetic to the cause.

After setting up, the juniors began their challenge at 10am – keeping a great pace to quickly complete the first leg. 

Seniors from the club were on hand to pitch in and help when needed, but it was hard to get the juniors off the ergos – they were so determined to get as many miles done as possible.

The seniors did provide great encouragement, however, including playing games of charades to keep the rowers smiling.

Hexham’s club captain Douglas Bailey did a great job of helping the group set a good pace and maintain it throughout the day.

Between them the ergos were constantly moving, and at 2:30pm the challenge was complete.

The six juniors had completed the 150 miles and managed to raise £147 for The Marines Charitable Trust.

There were many blisters to show for their efforts but all involved really enjoyed the experience. 

Hexham Rowing Club is hoping to return in the future to help raise money for the Abbey.