Four Men in a Boat complete 140-mile challenge

Four rowers from the London Rowing Club have completed a grueling 140-mile journey from Lechlade to Putney, raising almost £2,000 aid of the Neuroacanthocytosis Advocacy.

The four men –Stephen Feeney, Iain Weir, Mark Bavington, and World Championship gold-medallist James Clarke – dreamt up the challenge just 11 days before setting off on July 28th; and completed the journey in four days despite having no previous experience of either stable boats or long-distance rowing.

A hastily-arranged website and social media pages helped the crew find food and accommodation each night, and 220km, 45 locks, and numerous blisters and sores later, the quartet arrived in Putney for a celebratory pub meal.

Neuroacanthocytosis patient Alex Irvine coxed the crew for the final 12km, steering the boat home at the end of a punishing four days for the London Rowing Club foursome.

The Neuroacanthocytosis Advocacy supports sufferers of Neuroacanthocytosis – a range of rare degenerative conditions – as well as promoting clinical research into the condition.

If you’re interested in learning more about the charity or would like to donate to this very worthy cause and help the crew break their £2000 target, please visit

If you are interested in taking on a similar challenge or learning to row in a stable boat, visit

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