Anticipation builds for Henley Boat Races

Image of Henley Boat Races weigh in

Cambridge University’s Women’s Blue Boat topped the scales by a mere 100g at the weigh in ahead of the Henley Boat Races on Sunday 27 March. The Light Blues came in at 68.4kgs and Oxford at 68.3kgs.

Unlike the men’s race from Putney to Mortlake, where the heavier crew has a significant advantage, weight seems to have little bearing on the result of the Women’s Boat Race, though in recent years the lighter crew has been more successful. This will be a comfort to the Cambridge Women’s Reserves, Blondie, who weighed in at an average 65.0kgs per person compared to Osiris’s 70.5kgs.

Cambridge have had the upper hand all season, however with a change in the Oxford line up from previous races, it is hard to predict a favourite. Lizzie Polgreen, President of Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club said, “with a 100g difference in weight between the crews we are hoping for a close race on Sunday. That said we are confident in our ability to perform.”

In front of the race trophies, the presidents of the losing clubs from 2010 made the traditional challenges to their rivals, to meet and race on the Henley reach next Sunday. Cambridge’s challenge, issued for the Newton Women’s Boat Race by 2010 reserve Lizzie Polgreen, was accepted by Oxford president Connie Spoor, who rowed in last year’s Dark Blue crew.

Race Programme

The race programme starts at 1.15pm, to include the Newton Women’s Boat Race at 3pm.

  • 1.15pm Intercollegiate women’s race – Pembroke College, Cantab v Magdalen College, Oxon
  • 1.30pm Intercollegiate men’s race – Gonville & Caius College, Cantab.v.Christ Church, Oxon
  • 2.00pm Newton Women’s Reserves Race – Osiris v. Blondie
  • 2.30pm Lightweight Women’s Boat Race – OUWLRC v. CUWBC Lightweights
  • 3.00pm Newton Women’s Boat Race – OUWBC v. CUWBC
  • 3.30pm Lightweight Men’s Boat Race – OULRC v. CULRC
  • 4.30pm Trophies presented at Remenham Farm by Anna Watkins

Full details are available on the website,


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