Launch of the Sport and Recreation Alliance

The CCPR have launched their new name and branding at the CEOs’ Conference in Leicester today.  Tim Lamb, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance writes;

“We are still very much the same organisation, with the same excellent staff, focused on providing the same top quality service to the governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation. All that has changed is our name.

We hope you agree that our new name and brand will give people a much better idea of what we do and on whose behalf we do it. Helping our 320 members and the 150,000 sports clubs around the country is at the heart of all our work and we are confident that the new brand will help us be more effective than ever.

As ever, if we can be of any help to you or if you want to find out more about any part of our work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our telephone numbers remain the same, although our email addresses have changed to and our website is now at But, for the time being, you can still find us through our old contact details as well.”