Sir Steve Redgrave Launches Rowing Initiative Across Schools in Middlesbrough

Sir Steve Redgrave visited Oakfields Community College recently to mark the launch of a new rowing initiative being rolled out across Middlesbrough schools and colleges, thanks to the Steve Redgrave Fund.

To celebrate the launch, Sir Steve started a competition which saw teams of six representatives from schools and colleges across Middlesbrough go head to head in an indoor rowing relay race.

The £100,000 grant from the Steve Redgrave Fund, delivered in cooperation with the School Sport Partnership, sees 11 schools and three colleges across Middlesbrough benefiting from an indoor rowing scheme which will supply each school with five rowing machines and accessories. Machine providers, Concept 2, will also train teachers to link up the rowing machines for competitions on a local, regional or national basis.

The project aims to incorporate rowing into PE classes and ensure that all pupils have access to high quality physical education and sport in a school or college setting. The five-time Olympic legend spoke to pupils about the importance of taking part in curricular and extra curricular physical education during a special assembly this morning.

Sir Steve said:

“It’s been fantastic to see everyone take to the machines with such enthusiasm. The great thing about this initiative is that it’s something that all pupils can get involved in – especially appealing to those who consider themselves ‘non-sporty’. I’m sure it will become a positive force in the schools and show the benefits of getting involved and being active, which is the long term result we’re looking for.”  

The school pupils were full of enthusiasm and relished being in the company of a sporting hero. Principal Michael Hutton said, “The rowing scheme adds a new and exciting dimension to our current PE curriculum, I am sure it will motivate and challenge students to increase their level of activity in PE.”