Lighter Later Campaign

Lighter Later Campaign – an update from CCPR (Central Council of Physical Recreation)

The ‘daylight saving’ Bill tabled by Rebecca Harris MP would require government departments to consider the benefits of advancing the clocks by one hour throughout the year. The change would ensure lighter evenings to benefit active travel and outdoor sport during winter months. The campaign to support the Bill has been co-ordinated by the Lighter Later coalition, of which CCPR is a member. The second reading will be heard in Parliament on December 3 and requires the support of at least 100 MPs to get over the next hurdle.

How will this affect sport and recreation?

An extra hour of daylight will align the sunlit hours to more of our waking hours, allow greater use non-floodlit facilities and cheaper running costs for facilities which use electric lighting.

What can you help?

The Bill needs the support of 100 MPs on December 3 so winning over individual Parliamentarians is key to the success of the campaign. Write to friendly MPs to explain the campaign and ask them to support the Bill at its second reading – this communication will be even better coming from sports clubs in their constituencies. We know our members are busy so if you need any help, let James MacDougall know by email and CCPR will help to arrange the paperwork and create letters.

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