The British Rowing Tour

This weekend sees British Rowing Tour rowers take on the River Trent, winding their way from from Nottingham to Lincoln.  

Each year British Rowing tours are arranged both here in the UK and internationally. This is a great way to see the waterways of the world, by human power, and meet fellow rowers!

The Trent is the third largest river in England after the Thames and the Severn. It is unusual amongst English rivers in that it flows north (for the second half of its route), and is also unusual in exhibiting a tidal bore, the “Trent Aegir”.

The 2010 tour is organised by Weyfarers in assocation with Nottingham RC, Newark RC and Lincoln Rowing Centre.  One highlight for the weary rowers will be to visit the Explore Rowing Club, Newark RC, as an overnight stop-off point.  Some much needed fish and chips will be devoured! We’ll post up photos on our website and the British Rowing Facebook page as soon as they are available. 

You can also visit the British Rowing Recreational Rowing Working Party website which has all the details.

Interested to connect with other rowers in your region?  Visit Explore Rowing to find a rowing route near you or add your own.

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