Three heat wins for GB Rowing Team on opening day of World Junior Championships

The GB Rowing team got off to a good start at the World Junior Rowing Championships in Racice, the Czech Republic, today with three wins in the opening heats.

Britain’s women had an exciting opener today in which they rowed away from Germany at the end to win in 6:44.30 and book a place in Saturday’s final. The USA emerged the strongest from the opposing heat.

Jack Shepherd, Callum McBrierty, Edward Nainby-Luxmoore, and Caspar Jopling will also be in action in Saturday’s finals having won their opening heat. After a close first 1000m the quartet, featuring two silver medallists from last year’s world junior men’s eight in Jopling and Nainby-Luxmore, moved away from the field.

The junior men’s quadruple scull became Britain’s third heat winner of the day when they produced a dominant display to win in 6:24.56. This emerging crew knows that tougher things are in store now from one of the championships’ largest fields. They go on to race a semi-final on Saturday.

Britain’s junior men’s eight, stroked by George Rossiter and coxed by Ed Bosson, were ahead of Italy for the  first half of their race before being overhauled. They held off Romania to secure second place but now face a repechage tomorrow with the potential to progress to Sunday’s final.

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1.  Jack Shepherd/Callum McBrierty/Edward Nainby-Luxmoore/
     Caspar Jopling (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:30.42
2.  Germany 6:32.07
3.  Belarus 6:37.45
4.  France 6:39.12
5.  Lithuania 6:43.84
6.  Czech Republic 6:51.32

Coxed four

1.  Switzerland 6:42.76
2.  Ukraine 6:45.72
3.  Inigo Atkin/William Kenworthy/James Powell/Rowan
     Lawson/Alastair Camm (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:02.26

Quadruple scull

1.  Jack Beaumont/Wilf Kimberley/Angus Groom/Marcus Bowyer
     (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:24.56
2.  Greece 6:27.81
3.  Belarus 6:34.63
4.  Portugal 6:35.85
5.  Austria 6:36.46
6.  Lithuania 6:51.55


1. Italy 5:52.34
2.  Thomas Hilton/Greg Edwards/William Mace/Thomas Stewart/
     James Cook/William Locke/Morgan Hellen/George Rossiter/
     Ed Bosson (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:54.46
3.  Romania 5:55.98
4.  New Zealand 5:59.68
5.  Czech Republic 6:11.90
6.  Ukraine 6:14.31



1. Rosa Atkinson/Beth Astell/Camilla Hadland/Yasmin Tredell/Georgia
     Howard-Merrill/Ruth Whyman/Philippa Neill/Fiona Gammond/
     Lily Van den Broecke (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:44.30
2.  Germany 6:51.96
3.  Czech Republic 7:08.09

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World Junior Championships, 5-8 August
Racice, Czech Republic
(club or school name in brackets)




Rosa Atkinson (Runcorn RC)
Yasmin Tredell (Gloucester RC)
Fiona Gammond (Headington School Oxford BC)
Beth Astell (St Neots RC)
Ruth Whyman (Gloucester RC)
Camilla Hadland (Stratford-upon-Avon BC)
Georgia Howard-Merrill (Headington School Oxford BC)
Phillippa Neill (St Neots RC)
Lily Van den Broecke (cox) (Headington School Oxford BC)

Coach:  Ryan Demaine (Headington School Oxford BC)


Quadruple Scull

Angus Groom (Walton RC)
Jack Beaumont (Maidenhead RC)
Wilf Kimberley (Westminster School BC)
Marcus Bowyer (Exeter RC)

Coach: Tom Jost (Maidenhead RC)


Callum McBrierty (George Watsons College BC)
Caspar Jopling (Eton College BC)
Jack Shepherd (Molesey BC)
Edward Nainby-Luxmoore (Eton College BC)

Coach:  Colin Greenaway (Hampton School BC)

Coxed Four

William Kenworthy (Eton College BC)
Inigo Atkin (Kings School, Chester RC)
James Powell (Bedford Modern School BC)
Rowan Lawson (Eton College BC)
Alastair Camm ((Eton College BC)

Coach: Nick de Cata (Walton RC)


Thomas Hilton (St Pauls School BC)
Greg Edwards (Bedford Modern School BC)
William Mace (Tees RC)
Thomas Stewart (Radley College BC)
James Cook (Abingdon School BC)
William Locke (Eton College BC)
Morgan Hellen (Maidstone Invicta RC)
George Rossiter (Abingdon School BC)
Ed Bosson (cox) (Radley College BC)

Coaches:  Richard Boulton (GB Rowing Team) and
John Gearing (Radley College BC)

Support Team

Lead coach: Richard Boulton (GB Rowing Team)
Team Manager:  John Layng (Emanuel)
Equipment Manager: Bret King
Doctor:  Lucy Free
Physio:  Rachel Burr