Largest Team Ever to Represent Great Britain at European Universities Rowing Championships

With the successful squad of rowers having only just returned home from the World University Rowing Championships in Hungary, many of those athletes will turn around and join the 130-strong squad that will travel to compete at the 6th European University Rowing Championships in Amsterdam.

The 3 day event will take place on the Bosbaan in Amsterdam from Friday 20th August with finals on Sunday 22nd.

The squad comprises of 130 athletes and 24 coaches drawn from 23 Universities spread across the UK. The EUSA Rowing Championships allow the athletes to compete within their University crews and represent their University – but at the same, gain the experience of being part of a national team. Universities being represented are widely spread, including Aberdeen, Cardiff, Swansea, and Queens University, Belfast.

The crews were selected based on the results within the BUCS Rowing Championship events in 2009/10. The squad was put together by a selection panel consisting coaches and students from various University Rowing Clubs. The target of the panel was to create a team “of the size and quality to challenge for the Victor Ludorum”. The prestigious EUSA Rowing Salver is presented the most successful nation at the regatta. Team GBR stepped up 2 places to 2nd overall in 2009 and it is hoped that this year, they can regain the Salver which they held for the first four years of the Championships.

In addition to the handful of members of this year’s World University Rowing Championships squad, a large number of the athletes in Team GBR competed at last year’s EUSA Regatta, with many attending the event for the third time. The squad also includes many athletes who have represented Great Britain at World Rowing U23 and Junior Championships including Emily Taylor and Jenny Arnold (Durham), Carl Delaney (Nottingham) and Jamie Kirkwood (Roehampton).

Many of the crews competing at this year’s EUSA Regatta have already had much success this season, including the Men’s coxless four from Bristol reaching the final at Henley Royal Regatta, the Women’s coxless four from Oxford Brookes winning a medal at Henley Women’s Regatta and the Lightweight Men’s quad from UWE winning a gold medal at the British Championships in Strathclyde.

James Lee who was team manager for the World Universities Team and will also manage the European Universities team said:
“Having had our best ever performance at the World University Rowing Championships, I am hoping for big things at the EUSA Regatta. We have a very strong team, with a lot of history behind them and I am certain we will be returning with a large number of medals.”

Fiona Rennie, Chair of the BUCS Rowing SMG said: “It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm with regard to the EUSA Rowing Championships. Whilst many of the squad have been to International events before, for some of them this is their first experience of competing at this level. It is a real testament to the crews and coaches within University rowing that of the 64 clubs that competed at BUCS Rowing events this year, 23 are represented within the EUSA squad.”

You can follow the progress of the EUSA team at Facebook or Twitter.

Team GBR

University of Bath
Men’s 4x: Rob McDougall, Philip Gray, Rob Good, Alistair Gregory
Men’s 2x: Rob McDougall, Alistair Gregory
Women’s 2x: Gabriella Rodriguez, Nicki Godbold
Women’s 1x: Gabriella Rodriguez

University of Bristol
Men’s 4-: Andrew Parish, Ben McSweeney, Andy Turner, Ben Bathurst

University of Cambridge:
Lwt Men’s 4-: Chris Kerr, Charles Pitt-Ford, Matthew Lawes, Alastair Chappelle

Cardiff University
Women’s 2-: Imogen Evans, Emma Cockroft

University of Durham
Men’s 4-: John Ford, Barnaby Stentiford, Lee Fisher, Stephen Jones
Women’s 8: Jo Fitzsimons, Daisy Colsell, Jenni Stephenson, Sophie Vellacott, Jess Budgett, Nicole Sime, Flo Cox, Megan McCarthy, (cox) Charlotte Jackson
Women’s 4-: Jo Fitzsimons, Daisy Colsell, Jenni Stephenson, Sophie Vellacott
Women’s 4x: Emily Taylor, Jenny Arnold, Jess Budgett, Daisy Colsell
Women’s 2x: Emily Taylor, Jenny Arnold

Edinburgh University
Men’s 2-: Andrew Sills, Tamir Malley
Lwt Women’s 4x: Kimberley Litzinger, Micheala Spitzer, Charlotte Jones, Margaret Gralewicz
Lwt Women’s 2x: Kimberley Litzinger, Margaret Gralewicz
Women’s 2-: Jen Reid, Minette Monteith

University of Glasgow
Women’s 2x: Samantha Fowler, Jennifer Alex
Women’s 1x: Stephanie McDowall

University of Hertfordshire
Men’s 1x: Dave Bell

Imperial College, London
Lwt Men’s 4x: Tom Pearson, Gareth Brown, Patrick Hudson, Alex Gillies
Lwt Men’s 2x: Tom Pearson, Gareth Brown
Lwt Men’s 2-: Patrick Hudson, Alex Gillies
Women’s 2-: Christina Duffy, Chloe Symmonds
Women’s 1x: Mathilde Pauls

University of London
Men’s 4- Geoff Reading, Alex Torbicca, Paul Bennett, Kirkby Tickell
Lwt Men’s 4x: Geoff Turner, Ed Griffiths, Matthew Bedford, Peter Stuart
Lwt Women’s 4x: Rebecca Humphreys, Orla Hayes, Sarah Murphy, Helen Ralston
Lwt Women’s 2x: Rebecca Humphreys, Helen Ralston

Loughborough University
Lwt Men’s 2x: Daniel Garrett, Craig Turner

Newcastle University
Men’s 4x: Andrew Corrigan, Edward Ford, Timothy Clarke, Mark Bowers
Men’s 2-: Mason Durrant, Murray Wilkojc
Lwt Men’s 2-: Matthew McKibbin, Artjom Nepryahin
Women’s 8: Emily Field, Eleanor Earp, Lauren Clark, Ami Hodges, Lucy Glendinning, Rebecca Sparling, Miriam Jones-Walters, Victoria Wallace, (cox) Ruaridh Macphee

University of Nottingham
Lwt Men’s 8: Alistair Cooper, Max Thomas, Max Murdoch, Stuart Sykes, Alex Walker, Richard Watton, George McKirdy, Carl Delaney , (cox) Letty Lam
Lwt Men’s 4-: Alistair Cooper, George McKirdy, Max Thomas, Richard Watton
Women’s 2x: Elizabeth Pascall, Katie Smith

Nottingham Trent University
Lwt Women’s 2x: Nicola Spencer, Athalie Redwood-Brown
Lwt Women’s 1x: Nicola Spencer

Oxford University
Lwt Women’s 8: Georgina Baines, Caris Marsh, Aimee Campbell, Hannah Kaye, Laura Stables, Christina Mayer, Bianca Reisdiorf, Susan Tickner, (cox) Hannah Leadbetter
Lwt Women’s 4x: Caris Marsh, Aimee Campbell, Susan Tickner, Bianca Reisdiorf

Oxford Brookes University
Women’s 4-: Christina Thomas, Katherine Douglas, Elizabeth Cotrell, Chloe Willis

Queens University, Belfast
Men’s 8: Charles Cunningham, Peter Gillanders, Trevor McKnight, William Howell, Nathan Oliver, Declan Gollogy, Patrick Beirne, Mark Jamison, (cox) Andrew Tubman

Roehampton University
Lwt Men’s 1x: Jamie Kirkwood

University of Southampton
Women’s 4x: Phoebe Smith, Sophie Leonard, Charlie Best, Emily Derrig

University of Strathclyde
Men’s 1x: Chris Rae

Swansea University
Lwt Women’s 1x: Kate Evans

University of the West of England
Lwt Men’s 4x: Jack Thompson, Tom Pocock, Cameron Smith, Nick Crease

Management Team & Coaches

James Lee, Team Manager
Fiona Dick, Assistant Team Manager
Stuart Redden, Assistant Team Manager

Gordon Trevett (Bristol)
Tom Killick (Cambridge)
Ian Shore (Cardiff)
John Thickness (Durham)
Jessica Essex (Durham)
George Warnock (Edinburgh/Glasgow/Driver)
Ross Smitherman (Imperial)
Brian Young (Lodon)
James Hiatt (London)
Karl Offord (London)
Mitch Rosenlund (Loughborough)
Charlie Mulholland (Newcastle/Driver)
Jay Roberts (Newcastle)
Michael Hughes (Newcastle)
Ray Sims (Nottingham)
Chris O’Hara (Oxford)
Paul Moss (Oxford Brookes/Driver)
Rob Edmondson (Queens)
Mike Berresford (Southampton)
Ross Malone (Strathclyde)
Tony Hepburn (Swansea)
Fred Smallbone (UWE)