GB win Boys’ Match at Coupe and Take Second Place Overall

After the first day of competition on Saturday both Italy and Great Britain had moved well ahead of the rest of the field  in the Coupe but were closely matched with the tension sustained in the competition throughout the second day.    
In the Boys’ Match GB took gold in the four and eight on Saturday and the four and quad on Sunday, but in the last race of the Coupe,  Italy took revenge in the eight, winning gold to GB’s silver.  But by then GB had done enough to secure the Boys’ competition by 115 points to 110.
In the Girls’ match GB could not quite hold a resurgent Italian squad who, on Saturday,  took 3 golds to GB’s one – the double.  On Sunday GB won the single and in the overall total came a creditable second with 112 points to Italy’s 133.
Overall this was a strong team performance from the British team and an exciting match to blood many young rowers in their first taste of international competition.
Top Five Nations
1  Italy               243
2  Great Britain    227
3  Netherlands    140
4  France           124
5  Switzerland      98
Boys’ Match
1  Great Britain   115
2  Italy              110
3  Netherlands     85
4  Spain              60
5  France            56
Girls’ Match
1. Italy               133
2  Great Britain    112
3  France             68
4  Netherlands      55
5  Switzerland       53