Newcastle v Durham 14th Annual University Boat Race

On Sunday 9 May 2010, Newcastle and Durham University Boat Clubs will meet on the River Tyne to compete in the 14th annual University Boat Race.

These days, a rowing competition is a rare event on the river – but it wasn’t always that way.  In the mid-19th Century, the Tyne was on a par with the Thames for its association with the sport.  The first rowing races were seen to take place in the 1820s.  Four of the best-known rowers from that time are honoured in trophies handed out at the University Boat Race. An interesting article about the history of rowing on the Tyne can be found on the BBC website.

For the first time in the history of the University Boat Race, Newcastle University are the reigning champions. It will therefore fall to Benji, who is President of Durham University Boat Club, to challenge Andrew, as President of Newcastle University Boat Club, to defend their title when the two universities go head to head on the River Tyne on Sunday 9 May.

Further details about the event can be found on the Newcastle University website