Lincolnshire Sports Partnership Encourages Young People to Take Part in Sport

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership is encouraging children and young people to take part in sports and activities in the county, through a national sports programme run through Sport England.

Sport Unlimited is a three year project launched by Gordon Brown in 2007 to increase the participation of children and young people in sport and activity.

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership is the delivery body for the scheme in the county encouraging clubs in Lincolnshire, and 11 – 19 year olds to take part in a minimum of 10 weeks of activities.

Applications are still open for the next round of funding to start in September 2010, but the deadline is Friday 4th June 2010 so clubs or individuals who wish to set up a club, are being encouraged to apply in the next few weeks.

The project started its final year in April 2010, already attracting over 60 projects for the summer block; April to July, and projects include anything from rowing to parkour. Over the three years, more than 15,000 young people will have taken part in the Sport Unlimited programme across the county.

Lucy Blakey, the Sports Project Administrator at Lincolnshire Sports Partnership comments,

“Sport Unlimited really extends the opportunities for young people to engage in an activity, particularly those who are not already engaged in sport or physical activity. It gives young people the opportunity to take part in various sports that they would otherwise not been able to access and ignite an interest in sport that will hopefully lead them to continue lifelong participation in physical activity.” 

Lincolnshire’s Sport Unlimited programme has also recently gained the Inspire Mark recognition as part of the London 2012 Inspire programme.

The Inspire Mark recognises outstanding projects that will help deliver a lasting legacy for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Projects and events recognised through the Inspire programme will be part of London 2012’s brand family and can, subject to license and approval of artwork, use the Inspire mark on a range of marketing collateral.

If your club is interested in applying for Sport Unlimited funding, and getting more 11 – 19 year olds in Lincolnshire interested in sport, please contact Lucy Blakey on 01522 585520 or by email.