Aggar and Campbell win for GB Rowing Team in evening world cup session

Tom Aggar & Andy Houghton Bled WCR 2010Paralympic and world champion Tom Aggar (pictured in the left of the picture relaxing with Andy Houghton pre-race)  remains unbeaten at senior international level after winning his opening single scull heat at the world cup in Bled, Slovenia, today. The Londoner was run a close second by team-mate Andy Houghton. Both now race semi-finals tomorrow.

Aggar’s victory and that of the mixed adaptive coxed four were followed by a comfortable quarter-final win as early evening descended on Lake Bled for Alan Campbell.  Brendan Crean was fifth in his quarter-final of the same event, putting him out of contention.

“That was much better than this morning”, said Campbell who has had to race twice today to reach the semi-finals such is the depth of entry in his event here.

The late-day successes added to a good first-day showing for the Siemens and Lottery-backed GB Rowing Team at the season’s opening world cup. Overall GB has 15 crews through to semi-finals and four through to Sunday’s finals.

With the British men’s eight winning their heat to make one of those final slots, the fairytale comeback continues for 1992 Olympic champion Greg Searle who has returned to the sport at this level for the first time in ten years. 

“Whilst it’s been a good opening day we know that we will meet our main opposition tomorrow”, said David Tanner GB Rowing Performance Director.

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Alan Campbell was six seconds up on the opposition by halfway in his men’s single scull quarter-final this evening.  He was clearly pleased with a race which he dominated to the finish.

Brendan Crean, who put such effort into reaching this stage, was clearly struggling to contend from the outset of his heat in the same event.  He finished fifth.

Steph Cullen and Andrea Dennis will race tomorrow’s semi-finals of the lightweight women’s double scull after taking second
place in the afternoon’s repechage.  They came through very strongly from third place at the end of the race but were narrowly pipped to the line by Greece.

Ben Rowe and Peter Chambers, still an U23 crew, took the lead early in their equivalent men’s repechage. They were still ahead at the halfway point but were being challenged by Denmark and Portugal with the latter emerging to lead at 1500m.  The top Danish crew made a concerted effort to unseat the British duo with 200m to go but were held off putting Rowe and Chambers into tomorrow’s semi-finals in second place.

Race leader Tom Aggar was 1.5 seconds ahead of his compatriot Andy Houghton by the time that their heat of the arms-only men’s single scull had reached the halfway point today.  Houghton had closed that gap down to 1.10 seconds by the finish, underlining the continuing rivalry between the two British men for pre-eminence in the GB squad and therefore potentially the world currently.

Aggar’s victory in the single scull heat was mirrored by that of the new-look GB mixed adaptive coxed four – perhaps somewhat more surprisingly as this crew has two newcomers this season following trials and injury to Dave Smith. 

Kelsie Gibson and Ryan Chamberlain were making their world cup debut here and the crew narrowly pipped the Ukraine to take a slot in Sunday’s final.  James Roe, Naomi Riches and cox Rhiannon Jones have carried-over from the 2009 crew.

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(GB Boats only. Full results at:




Single scull

Quarter -final 1

1.  Alan Campbell (GREAT BRITAIN1) 7:05.07
2.  Dusan Bogicevic (Serbia) 7:07.49
3.  Liang Zhang (China) 7:07.81
4.  Fedrico Ustolin (Italy) 7:12.12
5.  Michal Sloma (Poland) 7:13.70
6.  Aleksandr Aleksandrov 7:15.07

Quarter-final 3

1.  Roel Braas (Netherlands) 7:06.53
2.  Lassi Karonen (Sweden) 7:06.58
3.  Cedric Berrest (France 2) 7:07.20
4.  Mario Vekic (Croatia) 7:07.67
5.  Brendan Crean (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:16.85
6.  Ralph Kreibech (Austria) 7:28.36




Double scull

1.  Trantafyllia Kalampoka/Christina Giazitzidou (Greece) 7:09.26
2.  Stephanie Cullen/Andrea Dennis (GREAT BRITAIN) 7:09.59
3.  Eleonora Trivella/Erika Bello (Italy) 7:09.89
4.  Janine Coelho/Carla Mendes (Portugal) 7:25.04
5.  Marketa Pazderkova/Klara Janakova (Czech Republic) 7:30.83


Double scull

1.  Pedro Fraga/Nuno Mendes (Portugal) 6;32.58
2.  Ben Rowe/Peter Chambers (GREAT BRITAIN) 6:34.40
3.  Steffen Jensen/Rasmus Quist (Denmark 1) 6:34.89
4.  Christian Nielsen/Sophus Johannesen (Denmark 3) 6:43.47




Single scull (ASM1x)

1. Tom Aggar (GREAT BRITAIN) 5;13.91
2.  Andrew Houghton (GREAT BRITAIN) 5:15.01
3.  Alexey Chuvashev (Russia) 5:20.91
4.  Olivier Mazenod (France 1) 5:37.07
5.  Robert Studzizba (Poland) 5:43.66


Coxed four

1. Kelsie Gibson/Naomi Riches/James Roe/Ryan Chamberlain/
    Rhiannon Jones (cox) (GREAT BRITAIN) 3;32.63
2.  Ukraine 3:34.22
3.  Ireland 3:38.17
4.  Poland 3:49.25

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2010 Rowing World Cup, Bled, Slovenia (28-30 May)
(listed bow to stroke plus cox)



Pairs – three boats

Olivia Whitlam (Agecroft RC/Warrington/16.09.85)/
Louisa Reeve (LeanderClub/London/16.05.84)

Jessica Eddie (Uni of London BC/Durham/07.10.84)/
Alison Knowles (Thames RC/Bournemouth/27.03.82)/

Helen Glover (Reading Uni BC/Penzance/17.06.86)/
Heather Stanning (Army RC/Lossiemouth/26.01.85)


Jo Cook (Leander Club/Sunbury-on-Thames/22.03.84)/
Louisa Reeve (LeanderClub/London/16.05.84)/
Natasha Page (Reading Uni BC/Hartpury/30.04.85)/
Victoria Thornley (Minerva Bath/Wrexham/30.11.87)/
Jessica Eddie (Uni of London BC/Durham/07.10.84)/
Lindsey Maguire (Wallingford RC/Edinburgh/15.01.82)/
Olivia Whitlam (Agecroft RC/Warrington/16.09.85)/
Alison Knowles (Thames RC/Bournemouth/27.03.82)/
Caroline O’Connor (Oxford Brookes Uni BC/Ealing/25.04.83) (cox)

Single scull – two boats

Melanie Wilson (Molesey BC/London/25.6.84)

Debbie Flood (Leander Club/Guiseley/27.02.80)/

Double scull – two boats

Katherine Grainger (St Andrew BC/Aberdeen/12.11.75)/
Anna Watkins (Leander Club/Leek, Staffs/13.02.83)

Quadruple scull

Annabel Vernon (Marlow RC/Wadebridge/01.09.82)/
Beth Rodford (Gloucester RC/Gloucester/28.12.82)/
Anna Watkins (Leander Club/Leek, Staffs/13.02.83)/
Katherine Grainger (St Andrew BC/Aberdeen/12.11.75)



Pair – two boats

Peter Reed (Leander Club/Nailsworth, Glos/27.07.81)/
Andrew Triggs Hodge (Molesey BC/Hebden, N.Yorks/03.03.79)

Cameron Nichol (Molesey/Glastonbury/26.6.87)/
Tom Burton (Leander Club/Barton-le-Clay, Beds/24.05.80)


Alex Partridge (Leander Club/Alton, Hants/25.01.81)/
Richard Egington (Leander Club/Knutsford/26.02.79)/
Alex Gregory (Leander Club/Wormington/11.03.84)/
Matt Langridge(Leander Club/Northwich/20.05.83)/


Tom Wilkinson (Leander Club/Reading/04.07.85)/
James Clarke (London RC/London/31.12.84)/
James Orme (Leander Club/Colchester/01.04.84)/
James Foad (Molesey BC/Southampton/20.03.87)/
Mohamed Sbihi (Molesey BC/Surbiton/27.03.88)/
Greg Searle (Molesey BC/Marlow/20.03.72)/
Nathaniel Reilly-O’Donnell (Uni of London/Durham/13.04.88)/
Daniel Ritchie (Herne Bay RC/Herne Bay/06.01.87)/
Phelan Hill (cox) (Leander Club/Bedford/21.07.79)

Single scull – two boats

Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers/Coleraine/09.05.83)

Brendan Crean (Agecroft/Lewes/07.02.85)

Double scull – two boats

Matthew Wells (Leander Club/Hexham, Northumberland/19.04.79)
Marcus Bateman (Leander Club/Torquay/16.09.82)/

Bill Lucas (Reading Uni BC/Kingswear/13.09.87)/
Sam Townsend (Reading Uni BC/Reading/26.11.85)



Double scull – two boats

Hester Goodsell (Reading Uni BC/London/27.06.84)/
Sophie Hosking (London RC/Wimbledon/25.01.86)

Stephanie Cullen (London RC/Putney, London/27.11.80)/
Andrea Dennis (Reading Uni BC/Oxford/03.01.82)




Chris Boddy (Leander Club/Stockton-on-Tees/16.11.87)/
Adam Freeman-Pask (Imperial College BC/Windsor/19.06.85)


Richard Chambers (Leander Club/Coleraine/10.06.85)/
Paul Mattick (Leander Club/Frome, Somerset/25.04.78)/
Rob Williams (London RC/Maidenhead/21.01.85)/
Chris Bartley (Leander Club/Chester/02.02.84)

Single scull
Zac Purchase (Marlow RC/Tewkesbury/02.05.86)

Double scull

Ben Rowe (Tees RC/Middlesbrough/05.11.88)/
Peter Chambers (Oxford Brookes Uni RC/Coleraine/14.03.90)


Mixed adaptive coxed four

Kelsie Gibson (Maidstone Invicta RC)/
James Roe (Stratford-upon-Avon BC//Stratford-upon-Avon/28.03.88)/
Ryan Chamberlain (King’s College London BC/London/03.04.86)/
Naomi Riches (Marlow RC/Harrow, London 15.06.83)/
Rhiannon Jones (Reading Uni BC/Hereford/16.09.87) (cox)

ASM1x – two boats

Tom Aggar (Royal Docks RC/Barnet, London/24.05.84)
Andy Houghton (Maidenhead RC/Newbury/06.04..81)


Jurgen Grobler/Christian Felkel/Mark Earnshaw/Mark Banks/John West/Bill Barry/Paul Stannard

Paul Thompson/Miles Forbes-Thomas/Ade Roberts/Darren Whiter/Rob Morgan/Paul Reedy/Peter Sheppard

Tom Dyson/Mary McLachlan

Management & Support Staff

David Tanner, Team Manager
Maggie Netto, Assistant TM
Louise Kingsley, Adaptive TM
Fran Bullock, Sponsor Liaison
Ann Redgrave, Doctor
Mark Edgar, Physiotherapist
Andrew Griffin, Physiotherapist
Pat Dunleavy, Adaptive Physiotherapist
Chris Shambrook, Psychologist
Wendy Martinson, Nutritionist
Maurice Hayes, Resources Manager
John Tetley, Boatman
Drew Robertson, Driver
Andy McCartney, Driver
Caroline Searle, Press Officer