Success for FISA Umpires


Heidi Hackett and Richard Packer

photo: Maggie Phillips

British Rowing would like to congratulate Heidi Hackett and Richard Packer (pictured above) who passed the FISA Umpires exam in Piediluco on Saturday 24th April. 

A major issue for the pair was actually getting themselves to Italy due to the flight embargo caused by volcanic ash from Iceland. Luckily theirs was the first plane out to Rome when flights were resumed from Heathrow. ‘It was a nail-biting experience all round!’ was their comment on return ‘and thanks to the BA staff for finding some champagne on the flight back!’

Richard’s wife Judith also became a FISA Umpire last year.  She knows full well the amount of hard work involved and was delighted to hear the news in Nottingham where she was officiating at the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta. 

Heidi and Richard now join the exclusive list of GB FISA umpires, bringing the total to twenty-four.  Holders of the FISA licence must first have a British Rowing or Scottish Rowing licence, endorsed for multi-lane courses, and must also have completed a qualifying assessment to enable them to be recommended to the FISA Umpiring Commission for examination.