Fixed Seat Technique Workshop Series

British Rowing, in conjunction with the Cornish Pilot Gig
Association and Cornish Rowing Association recently ran a series of ‘Fixed Seat
Rowing Technique’ workshops for clubs based in the West and Wessex Regions.

The workshop is the culmination of two years of hard work by
volunteers from a number of fixed seat rowing associations. A working group
made up of British Rowing staff and representatives from clubs and fixed seat
rowing associations was set up with the remit of developing a technique module,
which could be used as part of the Fixed Seat Level 2 course, and also as a
standalone workshop.

After a number of lengthy meetings and two photo sessions, a
module was developed which was piloted in 2009 as part of Fixed Seat level 2
coaching courses being run in the West Region.  Following this, it was felt it would be a good idea to role the
workshop out more widely, so that as many clubs as possible could get the
chance to attend.

A workshop series was subsequently set up, to run in the
winter and spring of 2010, with eight dates arranged at a number of venues
ranging from Penzance to Weymouth. The sessions were delivered by leading
coaches from the CPGA and CRA, all of whom had been involved with the working
group which put the workshop together.

The workshop series proved to be a huge success, with a
total of 251 club coaches and rowers attending the eight workshops.

As part of the development of the workshop,
British Rowing have also produced a Fixed Seat Rowing Technique Poster, which
outlines key aspects of correct technique for rowing traditional fixed seat
boats. This poster is available to download from the British Rowing website –

Report from Tom

British Rowing Coaching and Development Team Leader – West Region