Berkshire Schools Indoor Rowing Championships 2010

The annual Berkshire Schools Indoor Rowing Championships 2010 was held at the Eton Rowing Centre, Dorney Lake on Tuesday 30th March.  As the venue for rowing and flat-water kayaking at the London Olympics, the organisers could think of no better place to encourage young people to race well and enjoy the sport. 

The event was organised by the Berkshire Competition team with British Rowing and technical support from Concept 2, and had over 160 competitors from Years 7-10 representing all eight Berkshire School Sports Partnerships.  A dedicated team of young leaders worked hard to help run the event on the day.    

The theme for the day’s racing was London 2012.  Races for individuals and teams took place over distances and times relating to the event and included an 850 metre relay, the number of days until the London Olympics starts.  Competitors were entered into categories appropriately named ‘Redgrave’ or ‘Pinsent’ according to their previous rowing experience. 

All the competitors raced on the rowing machines at least twice during the Championships and events contributed to an overall team trophy.   Courtesy of Canoe England, and their kayaking machines, there was further activity available for the children to try out during the day. 

There were many exciting and extremely closely fought rowing races throughout the day with a great deal of effort put in by all the competitors.  Charters SSP eventually came through to win the overall team trophy which was kindly donated by Marlow Regatta.  Congratulations to all who took part. 

Sarah Birch
British Rowing C&D Team Leader