Report it to sort it!

Incident Statistics 1st January to 31st December

By reporting incidents, even near-incidents/misses, you are
helping yourself, your club and British Rowing to improve the levels of safety
when involved in rowing activities. This includes activities in land training
and also trailers.

The online incident reporting system has run its first
year and below are some of the statistics which can be drawn from the
information. Your Regional Water Safety Adviser has also received the information
and statistics for your region.

Every time an incident is reported involving your club, your
Club Water Safety Adviser automatically receives a copy by email. This is
important as it is only by your club taking account of the lessons to be learned
from incidents that improvements can be made at your
local level.

At a regional and national level the statistics help highlight where guidance and initiatives need to be developed to
benefit and assist clubs and members. By reporting an incident or near incident
you will be providing valuable information to help this process.

Remember the online incident reporting system is not in
place to apportion blame; it is there to help us to help you enjoy safer