Racing news – updates from Membership

We would like to draw the attention of our ‘seasoned’ competitors to the following;

Veterans to Masters

From 1st April 2010, the minimum age of competitors for veteran events is reduced from 31 to 27 and Veterans will be called Masters.  Competition organisers who are still not using the Online Entry system please take note as you will need to make these adjustments for your events.  The vast majority of competitions already online will be automatically updated to reflect the new age ranges.  We will publish a copy of the 2010 Rules of Racing after British Rowing’s next Council meeting on 13th February.

Regression of Points

As part of the changes made to the competition sytem in April 2009, every member was automatically given one extra point each in rowing and sculling. This included all those who had already regressed their points to the minimum of 4 points, ie R04 moved to R05.

The office has now automatically regressed by one point only those who were at R04, in either discipline, on 1st April 2009 and have remained at R05 until 1st January 2010. 

These new point scores are now correct in the British Rowing Online Entry System.  You can login to your online account and check that your record is correct.

Members affected by this automatic regression will only need to have a new card now if entering one of the very few competitions that is not using the Online Entry system, otherwise please wait until renewal.

Everyone else who wishes to regress must apply in the normal way by completing the Regression form and email, post or fax it to