Shuffled Four Successful in Seville

Matt Langridge, subbing into the GB men’s four in place of an injured Alex Partridge, tasted victory at the FISA Team Cup – the  traditional pre-season "friendly" international sprints regatta in Seville – despite coach JurgenGrobler  stirring up his seat order to put Andy Hodge in the bow seat and Olympic champion Steve Williams at stroke.
On today’s 1000m course – which will be shortened to 500m tomorrow – the  four,sponsored by Camelot, never looked troubled in good racing conditions with a slight tail wind.

"We’re trying different things at the moment and mixing up the four today was part of that", said coach Jurgen Grobler today who has an eye already on the summer’s world championships in Munich in August when Britain needs to qualify as many of its leading boats as possible for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Williams and Langridge, meanwhile, also teamed up to win the men’s pair event with  Alastair Heathcote and Robin Bourne-Taylor, the British Army pairing, coming home second.

Alan Campbell, Britain’s leading single sculler, was also in good form winning from a field which included a 2004 Olympic finalist from Belgium.

Britain were winners, too, in the men’s double scull – with Siemens-sponsored world bronze medallists Stephen Rowbotham and Matt Wells – and the men’s eight.

The young duo of Bill Lucas and Dan Ritchie, who teamed up in the men’s double scull, were third behind Simon Fieldhouse and Alex Gregory, another British combination.

Disappointment awaited the young line-up in the second GB men’s four of Tom Wilkinson, Dave Lyons, Tom Lucy and Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell who could not race today and have been ruled out of tomorrow’s racing because of illness. 

Meanwhile Grobler intends to revert to a more "usual", by 2006 standards, in the men’s four for tomorrow’s racing.  He will put Andy Hodge back at stroke and Steve Williams into the bow seat.

Williams and Landridge will also race in the eight whilst Hodge and Reed will compete in the pair.

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Pair – two boats

Andy Hodge/Peter Reed

Alastair Heathcote/Robin Bourne-Taylor


Steve Williams/Peter Reed/Matt Langridge/
Andy Hodge

Robin Bourne-Taylor/Tom Stallard/Jonno Devlin/
Marcus Bateman/James Orme/Tom Solesbury/Matt
Langridge/Steve Williams/Acer Nethercott (cox)

Single scull – three boats

Alan Campbell

Matt Wells

Dan Ritchie

Double scull

Stephen Rowbotham/Alex Gregory

Simon Fieldhouse/Bill Lucas

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Carla Ashford    13.03.79/Northallerton,N.Yorks/Masham,N.Yorks/Brentford/Thames RC
Chris Bartley 02.02.84/Farndon, Cheshire/Nottingham/Notts Uni
Marcus Bateman 16.09.82/Bermuda/Torquay/Henley on Thames/Reading Uni
Anna Bebington 13.02.83/Leek, Staffs/Leek/Crowthorne, Berks/Leander
Matt Beechey 03.04.77/Worcester/Worcester/Henley on Thames/Leander
Robin Bourne-Taylor 26.7.81/Grand Cayman/Oxford/Oxford/?
Nick Brodie 06.08.96/Oxford/Oxford/Oxford/OUBC
Alan Campbell 05.09.83/Coleraine/Coleraine/Mortlake/Tideway Scullers
Helen Casey 06.02.74/Stockport/Oxford/Oxford/Wallingford
Richard Chambers 10.06.85/n/a/n/a/Oxford/Oxford Brookes
James Clarke 13.12.84/London/London/Durham/Durham Uni
Karen Cromie 24.09.79/Banbridge, N.Ireland/Ballinamallard, Cty Fermanagh/n/a/Royal Docks BC
Alan Crowther 29.07.65/??/Derby/Derby/Nottingham BC
Dave Currie 10.01.82/Glamorgan/Henley/Henley/Leander
Ryan Davies 16.02.85/??/Henley on Thames/Oxford Brookes
Jonno Devlin 17.03.76/South Africa/Oxford/Putney/Oxford Brookes
Lindsay Dick 27.07.71/Strathaven/??/??Glasgow RC
Katie-George Dunlevy 26.11.81/??/Maidenhead/Maidenehead RC
Jess Eddie 07.10.84/Durham/Durham/Chiswick/Uni of London
Richard Egington 26.02.79/Knutsford/Knutsford/Henley on Thames/Leander
Robin Ejsmond-Frey 14.03.86/London/Hammersmith/Oxford/OUBC
Nick English 11.05.78/Coventry/Whitley Bay/Nottingham/Notts&Union
Vicki Etiebet 12.08.79/Ottowa, Canada/London/London/Auriol Kensington
Simon Fieldhouse 04.09.76/??/??/Thames Ditton/Molesey
Debbie Flood 27.02.80/Harrogate/Leeds/Henley on Thames/Leander
Toby Garbett 14.11.76/Chertsey, Sy/West Byfleet/Ascot, Berks/Leander
Hester Goodsell 27.06.84/London/London/Cambridge/Rob Roy
Katherine Grainger MBE 11.12.75/Glasgow/Aberdeen/Bisham, Bucks/St Andrew
Alex Gregory 11.03.84/??/Wormington/Reading/Reading Uni
Katie Greves 02.09.82/London/Oxford/Mortlake/Uni of London
Jane Hall 20.10.73/Kingston-upon-Thames/Surbiton/Caversham/Leander
Joanna Hammond 28.1.80/Leamington Spa/Leamington/Cambridge/Leander
Vicki Hansford 31.10.79/Lewisham/Fleet/Fleet/Guildford RC
Daniel Harte 12.12.75n/a/Edinburgh/Putney/London
Mike Hennessy 24.12.76/London/Deptford/Chiswick/Tideway Scullers
Rob Hollis 14.02.84/Wendover/Monmouth/Cowley/Oxford Brookes
Sophie Hosking??/??/??/Durham Uni
Frances Houghton 19.09.80/Oxford/Oxford/Putney/Uni of London
Natasha Howard 03.09.80/Harare, Zimbabwe/West Runton/Chiswick/Tideway Scullers
Mark Hunter 01.07.78/Forest Gate, London/Romford/Cadmore End,Bucks/Leander
Ross Hunter 13.07.81/??/??/Cadmore End, Bucks/Leander
Tom James 03.11.84/Cardiff/Wrexham/Cambridge/CUBC
Simon Jones 08.06.78n/a/n/a/Cropwell Butler/Leander
Alison Knowles 27.03.82/Bournemouth/Bournemouth/Putney, London/Thames
Matthew Langridge    20.05.83/Northwich, Cheshire/Northwich/Henley Leander
Elise Laverick 27.07.75/Rustington, Sx/Poling, W Sx/Putney/Thames
Ian Lawson 04.03.77/Bradford/Otley, W.Yks/Henley on Thames/Leander
Hugo Lee 05.03.84/Guildford/Jeburgh/Oxford/Oxford Brookes
Alistair Leighton-Crawford ?/?/?/?/Tideway Scullers
James Lindsay-Fynn 29.09.75/Dublin/Trim, Ireland/London/London
Alastair Mckean 14.04.79/Canterbury/Whitstable/Whitstable/Herne Bay ARC
Tim Male 09.07.75/Yeovil, So/Yeovil/Chiswick/Tideway Scullers
Paul Mattick 25.04.78n/a/Oxford/Wallingford
Baz Moffat 8.4.78/Edinburgh/Bradford/Putney/Thames RC
Acer Nethercott 28.11.77/Newmarket/Harlow, Ex/Oxford/OUBC
Lorna Norris 23.12.75n/a/na/a/Mortlake/Mortlake Anglian
Caroline O’Connor 25.04.83Ealing/Ealing/Ealing/Oxford Brookes
James Orme 1.4.84/London/Colchester/Cambridge/Leander
Natasha Page 30.04.85n/a/Hartpury/Reading/Reading Uni
Charlie Palmer 25.10.78/Melbourne/Hagley,Tasmania/Cambridge/CUBC
Tom Parker 24.10.82/Hammersmith/Winchester/Oxford/OUBC
Alex Partridge 25.01.81/San Francisco/Alton, Hants/East Sheen/Leander
Seb Pearce 10.05.82/?/Bromsgrove/Oxford/OUBC
Zac Purchase 2.5.86/??/Tewkesbury/Tewkesbury/Marlow RC
Helene Raynsford    29.12.79/Halfax, Yorks/Frimley/Frimley/Guildford RC
Peter Reed 27.07.81/Seattle, USA/Nailsworth/Oxford/Leander
Naomi Riches 15.06.83/Hammersmith/Harrow Weald, Middlesex/Marlow RC
Daniel Ritchie?/Herne Bay RC
James Roberts 11.05.86/Mons, Belgium/Swansea/Cardiff/Rebecca
Beth Rodford 28.12.82/Burton/Trent/Gloucester/Cowley/Thames
Steve Rowbotham 11.11.81n/a/Winscombe/West Molesey/Leander
Rebecca Rowe 16.5.81/Bridgend/Cardiff/Cardiff/Rebecca
Shaun Sewell 10.05.75/Forest Gate, London/Manor Park, London/London/Royal Docks RC
Alan Sherman 22.10.51/Wuppertal, Germany/London/London/Thames Tradesmen
Tom Solesbury 23.9.80/Farnborough/Petts Wood/Henley-on-Thames/Molesey
Colin Smith 03.09.83/ Harare, Zimbabwe/Henley on Thames/Oxford/OUBC
Tom Stallard 11.09.78/London/Welwyn, Herts/London/Leander
Sam Townsend 26.11.85/ Reading/Reading/Reading/Reading Uni
Andy Triggs Hodge 03.08.79/Aylesbury/Hebden, Skipton/East Molesey/Molesey
Matt Tucker 05.01.85/??/Winkfield, Nr Windsor/Oxford Brookes
Antonia van Deventer 23.7.78/?/London/Rob Roy
Annie Vernon 01.09.82n/a/Wadebridge, Cornwall/Marlow, Bucks/Thames
Matthew Wells 19.04.79/Bradford/Hexham/East Sheen/Uni of London
Josh West 25.03.77/Santa Fe, USA/Santa Fe/Oxford/Leander
Kieran West MBE 18.09.77/Kingston-upon-Thames/W. Byfleet/Mortlake CUBC
Steve Williams MBE 15.04.76/Warwick/Cheltenham/Henley/Leander
Sarah Winckless 18.10.73/Reading/Hurley, Bucks/Marlow, Bucks/Walbrook